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Exam Information

Please click here for the letter to students from OFQUAL regrading the awarding of examination grades 2019/2020.

Results published:

13th August A-level and 20th August for GCSE

Distance Learning Update for years 11 & 13

At this point in the year both year 11 & 13 would be focusing on revision for their final exams and would have completed the curriculum. What is clear from OFQUAL is that no future work that students complete will be used to support final examination grades. Therefore, we will be changing the schools’ approach to distance learning for all examination groups.

Year 11 – Teachers will no longer be setting work for you through Show My Homework. Over the next week teachers are creating transition work to support you as you move onto the next stage of your education. These will be hosted on the school’s website (learning Zone - Year 11 transition work) and you can pick subjects to suit your option choices.

Year 13 – Teachers will not be setting work for you through Show My Homework. As degree level curriculum is in more depth we would suggest that you contact your education provider and ask for any reading lists that may support your future studies. Also keep up to date with current affairs, documentaries that may also help.

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