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Why study at Bridgnorth 6th Form? Where are we? What can you study with us?

  • Our sixth form has a family feel. This suits most students as they are able to thrive in a secure, supportive environment.
  • We have a strong sense of community. We will get to know you quickly and help you make the challenging transition to A-Levels

Why Bridgnorth Sixth Form?

  • We are a truly comprehensive Sixth Form, this means that our students achieve right across the ability range.
  • We have a dedicated and stable staff who are experienced Level 3 teachers. Our staff are subject specialists who look forward to their A-Level classes.
  • Our students achieve Excellent Results and we receive good feedback from Ofsted
  • Last year’s performance tables ranked us 2nd in Shropshire for A-levels
  • 1st in Shropshire for Vocational
  • One of the key strengths of our sixth form is the fact that our students achieve well and progress to some great destinations. Many of our students do go on to University, with most students going to their first choice institutions. Our most academic students are also successful in securing places at the prestigious Russell Group Institutions. Last year including Birmingham, Liverpool, Lancaster and Southampton. However, we also have students who also go into Art and Design Foundation Courses and who have progressed into some impressive Apprenticeships. We have several students who have secured sports leader apprenticeships & business apprenticeships
  • Our students also prove to be very successful after they leave us. This year saw several of our ex-sixth form students leave university with first class honours.

What will our Sixth Form be like?

  • We only have students who want to learn and want to succeed. Our sixth form is very positive, lively and harmonious.
  • You will have teachers that know you, who treat you more like young adults and teach you in small class sizes.
  • We also have a smaller year groups that helps students feel that they know everyone and that they have their place in the school community. They feel that they are supported by their friends and peers as well as staff.
  • We have a dedicated Sixth Form study space – which is accessible in your free time – unlike a larger college, with thousands of students and limited space available for students to study we have a Sixth Form study centre with laptops available. We also have a silent study room and reserved Sixth Form computers in the library and a Sixth Form art room.
  • We have supervised study periods, registered that we expect our students to attend.
  • We have a strong pastoral system – You will have a form tutor whom you will meet daily and will get to know you well. You will have individual learning support through tutorial work
  • A strength of ours is the preparation and assistance with UCAS applications that we provide – we give lots of guidance on personal statements and filling in their applications.
  • We have Social and extra-curricular activities
  • As well as good parental engagement. We have an evening in September about settling in and expectations. We issue regular reports, host parents evening and UCAS information evening and a Student finance evening.

What else do you do in Sixth form

  • Another strength of our sixth form, which sets us apart from other institutions is the additional learning programmes we offer.
  • Students can study Level 3 Core Maths. This supports the increased focus on maths in many of the reformed A-levels and really supports their learning.
  • We give students the option of studying for an EPQ Extended Project Qualification which enables them to take control of their own project, conduct their own research and develop their own learning.
  • A few of our gifted Mathematicians also study Further Mathematics on top of their A-levels.
  • We also deliver a Core program to Year 12s which delivers age related PSHE, develops their study skills and prepares them for UCAS applications, job interviews and gives career advice.
  • We have a Sixth Form Committee, that organise social & Charity events
  • We have a range of trips on offer; to UCAS HE fayre, ski-trip, Lessons from Auschwitz, history trip to Berlin, London residential rewards trip
  • Students can volunteer to help with Paired reading, Maths Mentoring and Peer mentoring
  • And take part in Work Experience in Y12

Joining our Sixth Form

  • So how can you join our sixth form? There is an application form in the application pack and an online application.
  • We offer a wide range of other academic A-levels as well as a successful vocational strand.
  • Students can stick to one type of A-level or mix and match. It is important to research at this stage if a particular career or course is known.
  • After Christmas – we interview each student and discuss their options with them. We ensure they are making the right choices for any career ideas that they may have. We will be open and honest about their suitability for courses.
  • We will then make you an offer of a place. The offer will be personalised and may differ from the prospectus, because it will be based on what we know about you.



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