Bridgnorth Sixth Form

Welcome to Bridgnorth Sixth Form

We are a thriving community built on firm foundations for the success of our students; your learning and progress are at the heart of all we do.

Broad Curriculum Offer

At Bridgnorth Sixth Form students study A Levels, or a combination of A Levels and BTECs/OCR Nationals. Courses focus on  all the Humanities and Science ‘facilitating’ A Levels, Creative Arts courses plus Sports, Business, Health Care and Social Sciences.

Individual Approach

We take an individual approach.  We meet the needs of each student by ensuring they are correctly placed on courses to maximise their successes.  This individual approach ensures that all students are well supported and able to successfully navigate through their studies and have clear plans regarding the next steps in their personal and academic development.

We make sure we get to know our students well, whether they come from our main school or another secondary school.  This means that we offer the right support and can give detailed feedback to support progress.  All students are allocated a tutor who is their first point of contact and provides a wealth of experience to offer the right type of advice and guidance.  Tutors will recognise individual’s strengths and ensure these are developed further, while identifying any area of focus to safeguard good progress.  This personal approach is acknowledged by all our students as a significant part of why our 6th Form meets their needs.

We have good class sizes which means that through our curriculum we can deliver the very best provision and that all students get to develop good working relationships with their peers.  We recognise that through students 6th form experience, the social interaction with others plays an important part in their success.

After Sixth Form

We support students of all ability within Bridgnorth Sixth Form – some students go onto the Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, whilst others successfully take up places on Level 4 apprenticeships.  The vast majority of our students gain places in their first choice university as a result of the great working relationships between students and staff which safeguard success.


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