Bridgnorth Sixth Form


Advanced Level
Exam Board: AQA
GCSE English language Grade 5 (minimum) and GCSE Maths Grade 5

Why study Sociology?

If you are fascinated by the behaviour of others and why we act the way we do, then Sociology is for you. In today’s rapidly changing world different cultures collide and combine in ways that create new social structures. Sociology seeks to understand all aspects of human social behaviour and social dynamics from small groups of people, large organisations, communities, from institutions to whole societies.

Sociologists are motivated by a desire to better understand the fundamental principles of social life, believing that an understanding of these principles will help improve people’s lives.

Through the study of Sociology you will discover how to investigate these kinds of questions and begin to understand more about your motivations and behaviours, gaining a wide range of valuable skills that can be applied to almost any career.

What skills are required?

As a social science Sociology draws upon a wide range of skills. The ability to analyse and evaluate information and draw conclusions from this is important. Having an enquiring mind and an enthusiastic interest in people is also important, as is a desire to understand people’s motivations.

Being an independent learner who enjoys extending their knowledge and understanding by researching the main themes and reading around the subject is also important, as is an interest in how decisions are made by different people.

Communication skills are important for participation in class discussion and debate, and the ability to produce clear written work is also needed.

Course Content

In Year One students study the Sociology of Education, Families and Households, and also a grounding in Sociology Theory and Methods.

In Year Two the study of Theory and Methods is extended, and the main topics of study are Crime & Deviance and Beliefs in Society.

How will it be assessed?

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods

  • 2 Hour exam
  • 80 marks
  • 1/3 of total marks


Paper 2: Sociology Options ‘Beliefs in Society’ and ‘Families and Households’

  • 2 Hour exam
  • 80 marks
  • 1/3 of total marks

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

  • 2 Hour exam
  • 80 marks
  • 1/3 of total marks


Traditional occupations for Sociology graduates have been in Social Work, Welfare Work, Government Agencies and the Police Force. In practice Sociology graduates learn transferable skills that make them ideally suited to a wide range of jobs. In industry, for instance, Human Resource Management is one application of key skills. Additionally aspects of business and marketing draw upon sociological skills as well. Media, Game Design and I.T. companies make use of sociological knowledge and large retail firms employ sociologists as Sociology research methods can have an enlightening effect upon market research.

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