Bridgnorth Sixth Form

Sport & Physical Activity Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate

Level 3
Exam Board: OCR
5 GCSE 9-6 including English and Maths, Level 6 or higher in GCSE Biology
or Double Science, GCSE PE Grade 6.

Why study Sport and Physical Activity?

While the sport industry continues to grow there are a vast range of opportunities for career development in this area. Studying Sport and Physical Activity gives an insight into these areas and provides in depth knowledge that would be required for anyone seeking employment or further education in sport. The topics covered are diverse and directly relevant to sporting careers and college or university courses.

What skills are required?

Students studying an Extended Certificate in Sport will need to be able to adapt to a mature working atmosphere, where they take responsibility of their learning and development. They will need to be organised in bringing equipment to the lesson, as sessions can quickly change between practical and theory elements. They need to be able to meet and stick to deadlines that are given by members of staff for coursework and home learning. Students will need to be prepared to monitor and drive their own learning, remembering that they control their own grade and the overall qualification that they achieve.

Course Content

The course in made up of the following mandatory units:
• Unit 1 – Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity (externally assessed via an exam)
• Unit 2 – Sports Coaching and Leadership (internally assessed via coursework)
• Unit 3 – Sports Organisation and Development (externally assessed via an exam)

Then the following internally assessed units:
• Unit 8 - Organisation of Sports Events
• Unit 18 - Practical Skills in Sport and Physical Activity

How will it be assessed?

Unit 1: Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity

  • 1.5 hours
  • 70 marks
  • 25% of qualification

Unit 2: Sports Coaching and Leadership

  • Coursework
  • Pass/Merit/Distn
  • 25% of qualification

Unit 3: Sports Organisation and Development

  • 1 hour
  • 60 marks
  • 17% of qualification

Unit 8: Organisation of Sports Events

  • Coursework
  • Pass/Merit/Distn
  • 17% of qualification

Unit 18: Practical Skills in Sport and Physical Activities

  • Coursework
  • Pass/Merit/Distn
  • 17% of qualification


OCR Cambridge Technicals are valued by employers and higher education (universities and colleges). It could lead straight into employment in: Sports Centres, Leisure Centres and Fitness Centres.

Or college or university courses such as: Sports Studies, Leisure Management, Recreation Management and Teacher Training

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